Humannity Sweden

Who we are and what we do

Humannity Sweden is a non-profit organisation based in Höllviken, Sweden. Our aim is to help refugees from Ukraine. 

We collect and transport supplies and other materials that can be helpful in the border zones between the war zone and the EU and offer free transport to Sweden of Ukrainian refugees.

We speak Swedish, Ukrainian, Polish and English

How we work

Humannity work is an on-going process which include these three steps:

  • Pre-arrangements
  • On-site arrangements
  • Post-arrangements

Read more about how we work here

Quality assurance

By having full control over the whole process we can ensure quality and engagement in the full operation.

We call this HUMANNITY. You can read more about how we work here

Our statues ("Stadgar in Swedish) kan be downloaded as a PDF here

Follow us

We are on Facebook and Instagram @humannitysweden 

HUMANNITY - How we work



We carefully plan and organise every operation. Where to go, which persons to meet, which route to take, what supplies to bring etc.

We only work with trusted partners. Bergkvara Buss, ADRA and local gouvernment and




We bring the supplies needed. Our close cooperation with ADRA give us a unique oppurtunity to deliver exact supply needed for the moment. We are certified by local Polish authorities. 

We have Ukranian and Polish speaking staff on-site. Ensuring correct information and a safe and comfortable transport to Sweden.



We take great responsible for the arrangements in Sweden as well. We work in close cooperation with the Swedish church, Save the children, Migrations office, local host families and others. We will assist in all ways we can to integrate our Ukrainian people in Sweden.