Humannity Sweden

Humannity Sweden

Welcome to the official website of Humannity Sweden 

The purpose of the organisation is to conduct non-profit activities by collecting supplies and funds, as well as organizing practical arrangements such as travel/transportation, paying for education and other activities with the specific objective of helping people who are refugees from Ukraine or other countries in Europe. 

Humannity Sweden is founded and based in Höllviken.

Official Registration Number: 802539-3268

The association is named after the founders Max and Annika Viiask.

MA stands for Max, ANNI stands for Annika and together we stand for HUMANNITY!

Christmas Celebration

Warmly welcome to the Christmas festivities! Humanity Sweden invites you to a Christmas celebration on December 25th at Kyrkans Hus in Höllviken. All Ukrainians are welcome to participate in this special event. Please confirm your attendance by December 18th by sending an email to We look forward to celebrating Christmas together!

Humannity Sweden is a NPO which stands for Non-Profit-Organization.

  1. We all work on volunteer basis. No salaries or bonuses to anyone.
  2. All funds and donations from sponsors and private individuals is 100 % value into our operations.  
  3. We have no administration costs. 
  4. We have no costs for collecting our funds. 
  5. Because we are volunteers and thanks to our sponsors we can often actually add value to the funds donated.  

Humannity Sweden is a small organisation. We are local but can act global. We keep it simple. We want to keep it this way.

We do our work where it is really needed and where our work really makes a difference.

Actual value from a donation:

Humannity Sweden           100 % 

Red Cross Sweden            82 %

Save the Children              90 %

UNHCR                               85 %

Source: Please klick on the links for more detailed information. 

What we provide is

Human aid



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All our activities are completely dependent on your contributions.

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